Monday, July 19, 2010

Its here!!!


C'mon now... You all knew didnt you...?
My exciting news was that I signed up as a US Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!!
It was only a matter of time really wasnt it!?  I must admit although its been lovely to have a break for the last year its actually nicer to now have a purpose again...  just as before (When I was a demo in the UK) if all I do is break even and get my products at a discount then Im happy!!   If I happen to make friends, have fun and share my love of all things crafty.... BONUS!!

The box came about 15 minutes ago, my lovely hubby lugged it inside for me.  I promptly then said it had to go back on the doorstep so I could take a photo of it!  Sad huh?

Needless to say things will change a little here... (But not too much!)  I will have to add some links to SU & Abide by all the legal stuff but I still aim to add some tutorials and some projects... maybe blogging a little more regularly now too!  (If youre wondering what ever happened to the video... The SD memory card broke on me and I havnt replaced it yet... Im working on it ! Promise!!)

So, heres to a happy and productive blogger !!!  CHEERS!!


C xx

Monday, July 12, 2010

V. V. Exciting news....

OK, I hate to keep you all in suspense (or suspenders!)  but I have some extremely exciting news I will share with you this week.... Im just waiting for an email to confirm it then I will tell you all!!

Some of you may already know, and some may guess.... Lets make it interesting.. Leave your thoughts in my comments box & lets see the funniest/weirdest answer... coz you are a funny and weird bunch!

Luvs ya!

C xx