Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Update

I just wanted to share with you a very special day I had with my Daughter. The whole family went to London for a couple of days and us girls had a fun afternoon (as an early birthday present) at the Hammersmith Apollo watching the stage show of High School Musical! As much as I was dreading it.. I hate to admit it... it was FUN! Sitting in a theatre (which was a sea of Red & White - Never seen so many little girls dressed as cheerleaders off the football field!) surrounded by almost a thousand screaming 8 year old girls wasnt as bad as I expected. I ended up singing along and Im ashamed to say was even standing and dancing at the end. As for Abbi, she thoroughly enjoyed it and wavered between completely awestruck and waving her pom-poms and singing along!

I know its buying into the whole Disney- commercialism thing but at the end of the day the morals and the message of the HSM movies is all about being yourself and not letting others dictate what you do. I think this is a good thing to be teaching our youngsters...

Ok enough from the old fogey! If you can bear it... I recommend it!

Thanks for looking
C xx

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Not the best week ive ever had I must say!!
Ive been the victim of fraud... someone managed to get hold of my debit card number and went on a large spending spree in the USA (they even had dinner on me too!- still hoping for food poisoning!!). Luckily the other half noticed within 24 hours and the bank have been fantastic! But talk about worry... Hopefully thats the end of it and I wont discover sometime in the future that I own a Monster Truck and a Speedboat!!! WARNING to all who read this... BE VERY CAREFUL who you give your details to... I ONLY use secure websites (or so I thought) but obviously I wasnt careful enough...

Secondly, My sons Middle School burnt down yesterday. MAJOR fire, very suspicious, on the local news. Basically there is nothing left. I cannot tell you how disturbing it is to stand watching smoke billowing across the school field, the flames reaching above the tree-tops standing next to a group of teachers who are in tears... What can you say.
A very sad day for a lot of people in town. Who knows what will happen in September?!?

Anyway, enough moaning... I will post some projects next week when Im a bit cheerier!!

C xx