Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre-Teen Birthday.

Ok, if you are lucky enough to have a pre-teen girl in your home you will probably know what and who these colours represent... My daughter (bless her heart!) wanted me to make a Hannah Montana card !?!?!?!?!? Ok! says I feebly... thinking to myself how the bloomin heck am I gonna do that without infringing copywright & messing up the logo royally! Well... this is what I came up with. A compromise!

I abandoned the idea of copying the Logo and just followed the colours and the star theme... Luckily the colours matched pretty darned well with Stampin Up colours so away I went. Now the nesting stars was another challenge... How did I do that? I went to my Digital Scrapbooking software (You could use Photoshop or even just shapes in MS Word) printed up the sizes I wanted, used dotto temporary adhesive and cut round the templates onto coloured cardstock!

Im actually quite pleased with the results... The dots in the background were just freehanded to break up the pink!

Im told the recipient was very happy and knew the reference too! PHEW! Mission accomplished!!!

All products SU!


C xx

Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean and simple....

Well, its been lovely and warm and spring-like here for the last few days and I was inspired to make some clean and spring-gy(?) cards...

I also am in Lurve with this cute butterfly punch from Martha Stewart... Perfect size for cards and also perfect for using all those odd bits of paper and card you (or maybe just me) cant throw away!...
The panel in the centre of the card is scored on an angle to form a lattice effect... I also scored lines about 1/4" from each edge...

The butterfly's are only glued in the very centre and the wings folded up slightly...

What do you think?

Cardstock: Whisper White, SU!
Papers, offcuts from SU!
Martha Stewart butterfly punch and scoreboard.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love photography!

Even though I only have a little point & shoot Fujifinepix camera I managed to take some amazing (I think) photos of the kiddos while we were away for the weekend... I actually love my camera as it fits in my bag, has loads of settings for close-up, snow, text, portrait, sports etc... I do have an old Zenit manual SLR (and I mean OLD...) which I learnt on and I have a Cannon EOS Rebel SLR which is the next step up.... What I would KILL FOR is a new Digital version of this... But thats a whole nutha story!!! For now Im happy with what I have...

Im waffling arent I? Heres the piccies...

It was a lovely afternoon and I got some really nice shots of the kiddos... doesnt happen very often as they usually run and hide from me!


C xx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Anniversary Card (mk 2!)

Ok, so a couple of posts ago I shared a card with you... I had seen a really simple card like this in the supermarket, it had a panel with glitter and then just a really simple flower on top... They wanted $5.99 for this card! I KNOW!!! Well, I redid the card and showed to hubs... he expressed that he didnt like the glitter... So heres the remake ~ minus the glitter!

This one I made for our anniversary.

Same stamps, but black panel with clear embossed wedding rings to form the background this time. And I matted & Layered with gold mirri card... Havnt used this stuff for a looooong time! Still really simple layout. This is a layout you can use again and again... And I probably will! Ha Ha Ha!!!


More cards this week!
C xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still here!

I havn't forgotten you all I promise!!! I am waiting for a day with decent weather so I can take a photo of the anniversary card (mark 2!) and will post when Ive snapped it... We had a lovely weekend, the weather was great - I may have even caught a little sunburn! Although personally I think it was the glow of panic on my forehead that caught the sun... I dont do well in confined spaces and heights are not my fave (unless Im strapped in very tightly - on an airplane Im belted in the whole time Im in my seat!!!) so the Sonora Caverns was probably not the best place for me to visit... (Must to better research next time!)

Heres a few photos...

Going down... and down... and down... over 150ft down... Bleurgh!

Intimate huh?

Can you see the panic in my eyes! Im really quite proud of myself as I managed to keep control for the whole 2 hours we were down there... Only because there was only one way out and I didnt know the way! When we came back up to the entrance there was another group about to go in, but one man followed us back to the gift shop, where he promptly asked for a refund as he couldnt make himself go through the door! It was weird, and beautiful, it was warm (a constant 71f!), it was wet (dripped on all the time!) it was interesting, (kids LOVED it) and it was tiring (going down was ok but coming back up was not!) Would I go again? I will happily drive there and watch as they go through the door.

All in all, if youre in the neighbourhood its worth a visit. The gift shop is amazing! If youre into fossils, semi precious stones, handmade Indian blankets, stuffed annimals and handmade fudge you'll love it! You can pan for precious stones under the porch and they even had lollipops with scorpians inside! YUMMO!

I have more photos but blogger is being naughty and wont let me upload them... I plan to digitally scrap these so stay tuned!!!

I also managed to get some REALLY nice shots of the Kiddo's climbing a tree so I will share those with you soon.

We will be moving house in 3 weeks! But there shouldnt be a blip in service for you as I have LOADS of cards in reserve and I will schedule the posts to go ahead during the move... Im really excited! We will be in a family neighbourhood where 2 of my good friends live and the kids will have others to play with too. Lots of parks, tennis courts and places to hide while having Nerf Gun battles! I will share photos too!!!...

Enough waffle... Im off!


C xx

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

Sunday is Hubs & my 15th Wedding Anniversary! (15... I know!!!) Seeing as he actually has some time off work (SHOCK!!) we are taking the kids out of town for a little break and some family fun.

This morning Im really excited that Im meeting up with friends and scrapbooking. Although, I have to make a sneaky card aswell!!...

Im planning (and we know how good my plans usually turn out!) to re-make this card...

I showed the finished card to hubs and he declared he didnt like the glitter(!?) Im not sure why but I always ask his opinion and bless him he has learnt some really good responses over the years (i.e. ones that dont get him wacked around the head with a rolled-up newspaper!) and usually I just ignore him anyway (its good to let him feel I appreciate his input now and again!, hee hee!!). But I think Ill listen this time...

Ive packed up some Vanilla and some black cardstock (although now Im thinking Id like to match the Blue of his uniform... Hmmmm) some embossing powder and some ribbon!... Stay tuned and I will post the finished result...

Oh! AND...

Happy Anniversary Matt.
I love you still!
I know, AMAZING huh?

Its ok! He doesnt look at my blog!!!


C xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last Commission card...

This is the last of the cards I made recently to order. I made a little recessed window card and used the Rose is a Rose set to make a bouquet of flowers.

I wasnt too sure on this one (some people arent flower people...) so I made the patchwork card and this one to give the client a choice. Both cards matched the box...

I even remembered to decorate the inside again!!!

Well, the customer decided she liked this one the best so its winging its way to sunnier climbs as we speak. Hope they like it!

Stamps: Rose is a Rose, and Yummy (Both SU!).
Cardstock: SU! Kraft & whisper white
Paper: SU! Designer series in So Saffron
Ink: Rose Red & Old Olive
Ribbon from SU! Punch from Martha Stewart. Glue and glitter from SU! Tag on Box made from SU! Punches.


C xx