Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ANOTHER Happy Dance!

Well well well! Not only did we get the call about the house arriving but we also got the call that our car has arrived! Matt is flying to Dallas tomorrow and picking up the car then heading back on a 6 hour drive... Yes, we went and bought him a sat-nav today... ANyone that knows him will know that it is ESSENTIAL or he would end up in Canada!

So, Car tomorrow. House on Friday and Internet, TV & phone. Washer & Dryer on Saturday (Forgot to mention we bought those today!) Then Tuesday the house arrives! WOW! BUSY or what?

Im so excited you have no idea! Matt has left me a store card and im off to get toaster, phones, dvd player, hoover, hairdryer etc while he is out tomorrow. Dont have any clue where Im gonna put it all but Oh Well!

Lewis has a school trip tomorrow so is really excited. Abbi not too happy as all out of town trips are cancelled coz of the swine flu so hers is not happening now...

Best go as dinner is burning...

Hopefully update from the house on our new internet over the weekend...

I hope to have photos too!!!!



C xx

Monday, April 27, 2009


Heres a few photos of the kids over the weekend... We went fishing at Lake Nasworthy which is beautiful and only a 10 minute drive... Didnt think I would enjoy it so we only got rods for Matt & kids (Yes, Abbis is PINK and grey and coordinates with her outfit...!?!) But now I think I need a rod of my own! How scary is that? It was a lovely couple of hours, no fish were hurt in the making of this blog post, all they caught was some salad!

The best news though is... drum roll please....


Its a lovely 3 bed 2 bath within walking distance of both the kids schools. (great news as I have to re-take my US driving test, Montana licence expired a million years ago!) AND...


Boy, we dont hang around do we? Seeing as the schools break up at the end of May we thought it important to get them settled in and making friends before the end of term. The great thing is that they both love it! Lewis is at Glenn middle school, its really cool and the building is round and based on the space program, with endeavor, discovery etc as the names of the halls and the dining room is the Lunch Pad! Get it? Abbis school is Crockett elementary (pause for you to sing the song.......) and is fabbo! Has the biggest climbing frame I have ever seen. Happy campers.

OMG! Matt just took a call and our house is arriving on the back of a lorry on TUESDAY!!! YEAH! Makes the prospect of camping on inflatable mattresses not quite so scary!

I have to go do a happy dance now, more updates later...


C xx

First Buys in the USA!

Have I mentioned how much I love Wal*Mart?

I just wanted to share with you a few of the first essential items we bought from the store..

A Kettle, what else? I am English you know!

Individual Pecan Pies! Yummy...

Abbi NEEDED new trainers...

And of COURSE I NEEDED some new shoes too! Arent they cute?

More updates later, we are off to sign the lease for the house in a while... Horay!
I have photos of our first ever family fishing trip to the lake on Saturday... Check back laters...


C xx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Its all go!

Well, today was dull... Matt had to go in-process. His appointment was at 7.30am so silly me thought "ok he should be back by lunchtime then we can go househunting". NOOOOOOOOO! He stuck his head around the door at 11-ish to tell me he was taking the car! (ARRRGHHHHH! cant go shopping!) and would be back in a while.

FOUR O CLOCK! YES, 4 pm!!! I could have walked around the flippin base six times in that long! anyway, its hot. 80, hot. the aircon makes the most horrendous noise so you switch it off after 1/2 an hour to hear your kids talking. I have developed the biggest stinking headache (haddock) in years and yes, its hot. Tomorrow it will be 88. Wednesday it will be 90. HELP...

The man came and looked at the aircon. He told us off for turning it off. apparantly it closes a valve that is in the ceiling space and he had to climb a ladder to manually open it. It works now. not quite as noisy but now we are forbidden to turn it off! There will be another man coming to fix the rattle sometime soon. Needless to say we will be out in the lovely quiet airconditioned rental car for most of the next 2 days!!!

House hunting starts in earnest tomorrow. We already have an appointment to see a HUGE 4 bed/2 bath house that we could move into at the end of the month. there are 4 others on the shortlist so we will drive around and check those areas out before booking viewings. Matt is authorised 8 days for house hunting and I want to be in our new home on 1st May. Ive had enough of living in limbo.

So not much more to report, just...

O M G! I found Michaels!!!! Its a craft store. Can you say HEAVEN!? UTOPIA?! I was soooooo restrained, you would all be proud of me. I bought a pair of scissors to trim the doggys ear hair with! (she keeps chasing the ground squirrels and getting gorse bits in her ears) I went, I saw, I drooled, I stroked. Matt said wait till we get a house... Can you see the hurry now?

More updates soon, and photos (hopefully)


C xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

Arrived safe and sound...

Well, we have arrived! The whole journey was one of the longest, most boring, bottom numbing days of my life! I will not be doing another 10 hour flight in a hurry I can tell you...

All arrived safely at 4.30am UK time, 10.30pm Texas time, a bit limp and a lot numb to a TINY lodging room. Remember I said we were only expecting small, well it is. Very. Small. Dinky is the word I think fits... The only other option is putting doggy Poppy in a boarding kennel and upgrading. NOT an option. If you saw what that brave doggy went through just to get here you would understand. Our last flight was on a 60 seater, propeller plane and we watched her crate being carried into the cargo hold. We could actually hear her barking while we were waiting for take-off and were told that the captain had to sit with her as long as possible coz as soon as he walked away she started barking again. Thankfully, once we started moving she quieted down. Poor poochie!

Texas seems very nice from what Ive seen, which isnt a lot at this point! It was dork when we got here, and we collapsed into several sweaty heaps until about 5.30am our time (Longing for it to be longer but with kids its not possible!) Matt, bless him, was the first customer of the day at Burger King and I think they took pity on our plight and gave us an extra croissandwich! Later (after having the maintenance man come and show matt how to turn the shower on!?! blame it on the jet lag!) we wandered over to the shops for milk, bread etc. only as much as we could carry between the 4 of us though! Im thinking, wow, the weather here is great, it's a little rainy and the wind is fresh... Like summer in the UK, I can handle! HA!

We had a tornado watch last night and the biggest thunder storm I have seen in my life! To which my hubby rolls over and patting me on the head says... "I forget you guys have never seen a real storm have you?" AAAArrrgggghhhh! Needless to say its alot more humid today but still a nice cool breeze a-blowing, so not too sweaty yet. But I can see it coming...

I best end here as the old man has just got back with the rental car and we are off to fin Wal*Mart! woohoo! YES, Im excited!

We have free internet/ethernet in the Lodging so I will try to update regularly...

TTFN Y'all!

C xx

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nearly there!

Well, what a week! We are in lodgings on the base now, the house (still not sold) is empty and clean as a new pin!, the cars are gone, we are living off whatever we need to use thats left in the cupboards!

Actually its not as bad as it sounds, the lodging is great... because we have the dog ($10 a day xtra!) we are in an older style family unit... 4 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen WITH dishwasher! Theres a park within 30 seconds walk for the kids and pretty much everything we could need is within walking distance. I think its about the same size (if not a little bigger) than the house! Musnt get used to it though as at the other end we have been told we only get a 1 bedroom place with Me n Him sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed. FUN!

A spot of good news though... In the midst of the chaos of moving we found out that we will have a house on Goodfellow and will be able to sign the lease on 11 May! YEAH!!! Means that the pressure is off. The thing that was most worrying was how to find a house, and quickly, in a new town, in a new state, ensuring that its in the right area for the right schools and work etc, with NO CAR! Now theres a house waiting we have already looked at the local schools and are happy! Thanks to google earth we are able to peep into the back yards and theres a little park for the kids, and the shops, his work, and even a pool are all within walking distance. Phew! Above all its making the kids transition alot smoother. Son is ok, he has done the move before, but daughter was only 1 when we arrived and here is all she has known.

Well, Mum is over today for a visit, then off bowling tomorrow with friends then his final outprocessing appointment is Monday, then to London Tuesday, then we fly Wednesday!

PHEW! Who said this would be easy?

We hope that we can get internet at the other end and I will let you know how it goes... Better than Eastenders isnt it? (dff dff dff dfff dfff dffff dffffff!)


C xx