Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last post for a while... maybe!

Howdy y'all!

Well, t'internet is being switched off tomorrow and Im not sure when I will have access again... We are going to be living in temporary lodging on the base as of friday (trust me it will be the lap of luxury compared to camping in your own home!) and will finally fly to the 'land of the free' on 15th April. Im hoping with the help of internet cafe's etc I will still be able to update you with news of the new house and how we are all doing so keep me on your 'blog hopping' list!


C xx

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movin' On....

They came...

They packed...

They took it all away...

My goodness the house looks huge now its empty! We are basically camping in our own home now... Other than our suitcases we have:
a couch (think Doctor's waiting room... vinyl, makes rude noises when you sit on it!)
a small dining table
4 dining chairs
1 double bed frame & mattress
2 single mattresses (yes, these are on the floor!)

Until this afternoon we had no pillows either. V. uncomfortable night I can tell you!!!

Ah well, life is fun isnt it?


C xx

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving Day!

Just a quick update for you... In about 45 minutes the packers will be arriving... My entire house will be wrapped in brown paper, stuffed in boxes and shoved like a giant 3-d jigsaw puzzle into one of those really annoying shipping containers that cut you off on the motorway (you know the ones that play leapfrog with each other or decide to overtake another equally slow lorry going uphill at 50 mph making you slow down and miss your exit... Pet hate? YES!!!). So, anyway Im not sure what kind of internet we will be left with by the end of the day (Laptop is safely stored in the bathroom - no-go zone!) so...

Wish me Luck!


C xx

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Well, Im actually out at the moment with my fab Mum!
My Aunt & Uncle have come over to visit her (and for a family event next week) and we are all meeting up and going out for Mothers Day Dinner to a very Posh Nosh Pub in Freckenham (tiny village, middle of nowhere!). I have scheduled this post to be published after Ive given her gifts to her so if she is looking (as I know she does) HA HA HA... NO PEEKING!

I have fallen in love with this set... I resisited for a long time as its quite an investment and I couldnt see many of my customers forking out the price... Well, I decided that before I finish with SU! in the UK I would splash out a little and buy some goodies that I wanted. For ME! Why not? I get a 20% (YES... 20%) discount on everything I order... So I gave in! These flowers are amazing, and theres so many different elements in this set. Its the old 2-step-stamping where you have 1 stamp for the background image (here in Regal Rose and Mellow moss on the leaves) then the details are stamped over the top (in Rose Red and Always Artichoke). You WILL NEED the Stamp-a-ma-jig for this one as you definately need to line them up accurately... a little patience and you can get beautiful results... Whadda ya think?

Please note with the appropriate awe the 'Bling' flash from the glitter! D'ya know how hard it was to photograph that!!??)

I cut out the stamped images and arranged them in the corner. The main image was raised up with some Stampin Dimensionals (Foam pads) for some interest. Then I got out the Tombow glue and the Dazzling Diamonds glitter!

One of Mums gifts was a CD so (of course) I made a box and decorated to match!

Ive really enjoyed this set so far... hope to use it alot more in the future...

TTFN & have a great day being pampered!

C xx

Friday, March 20, 2009

Flowers from Joanne!

OK, I made a couple of gifts recently which were the most difficult things I have ever made.

I lovingly scrapbooked some heartbreakingly sad photos for a lovely couple who suffered a devastating loss and I hope that I did them justice. I cant share the contents of this box but wanted to share the amazing flowers that I made from a tutorial by Joanne (click HERE for her instuctions).

And a close up of the flowers...

Arent they lovely? This is the first time I have attempted something like this as it always looked sooo complicated but these were made with just 2 punches some glue and some markers. WOW! DEFINATELY something I will do again.

Why not try something that you wouldnt usually attempt? You might be pleasantly suprised...!


C xx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yay! Worked it out...

Ok, so after phoning the old man and interrogating him I realised that the old PC has a SD card slot on the front... DUH! So I managed to upload some photos anyway... The mothers day stuff (obviously) I cant show you till after the weekend, but I will share these with you.

This was a set I made for my sons Best Friends Birthday... Very simple and effective, she is only 12 but likes blue and silver so this is what I came up with... (please excuse the very bad lighting but was taken late at night...)

A very simple card made from Bashful blue cardstock, I stamped an image (onto Whisper White) from the Pocket Silhouettes set in Bordering Blue, then stamped another flower from the same set over the top with the VersaMark ink pad. I heat embossed this with silver embossing powder. Blue SU ribbon tied over the edge with the silver elastic cord and the message was punched with the fab new oval scallop and small oval punches (available from April 1st). I ran the edge of the small oval through the VersaMark pad and heat embossed in silver as before.

Next I stamped some home-made wrapping paper in the same blue using the Baroque Motifs set (still my fave!) and used my tag punches for the label.

What do you think? Suitably girlie still but not too baby-ish I hope...

Please leave a comment.


C xx


Here I sit, a quiet evening at home... Dinner is cooking in the oven. The kids are quiet (for once) watching TV. I think to myself- 'Self, you have a spare 5 minutes why dont you upload that card onto your blog'. Then I reach down for my USB to Digi camera cable and HORROR! Its not there! Hubby has had another sort out! Why oh why does he think that just because HE doesnt use it, its not important? As soon as I find the missing link(!) I will upload.... Now the oven is beeping loudly at me.


C xx

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back soon.

I hope to have a post later this week for you. Not much time to play at the moment as getting ready for the move and shipping the car etc.. but I have a project im working on.

Thanks to those who have left kind messages, it means alot...

C xx

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bear with me...

Due to a family berevement I will not be posting for a while. I hope to post a couple more times before the packers arrive but, if not please come back as I will try to update from my Laptop while homeless!

C xx

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two O M G moments this week!!!

You know when something happens that just takes you by suprise and puts a smile on your face (no, im not being rude... get your mind out of the gutter perleeese!)? Well ive had two things happen this week.

1. During my (lengthy) blog surfing the other day I noticed a lady who had posted about Texas Independence Day with lots of ramblings and funny photos too... I left a comment to the effect of - you made me laugh, we are moving there soon, thanks for sharing... etc. The very next day up pops an email! It turns out that she lives about 3 hours from where I will be living soon and she has offered any help we need and possibly meet up to stamp/craft too! How amazing is that?!????!!! I now have a friend in Texas!

2. Sitting here this evening with a glass of wine and the phone rings (while indisposed in the little room - of course!) the caller didnt leave a message so I do my usual nosey parker thing and hit 1471 and as I hit the green 'dial' button the phone rings and I actually answer the call.... "Hello Carolynne, its Maria!"

Maria and Terry are some very long lost friends we had BEFORE Lewis was born! Matt & I were stationed in Montana, attending La-maze classes (or 'how to breathe for the criminally stupid' as I call it - FYI it doesnt help a Da** bit either!) and on the sign-in sheet we notice 2 names and an address just round the corner from us... We strike up a conversation and Maria is a Brit too! We get together alot, help each other through the last stages of pregnancy (First for both of us) and Maria (who had Emily before me!) very kindly refused to tell me the whole gory details until after I had got home with my baby!!! We had Thanksgiving together, Cried on each others shoulder when Princess Diana died etc etc... We lost touch a few years later... they were in Germany, I think we were in California... Turns out that they have been at MILDENHALL (5 miles from Matts work) for a couple of years! How amazing that you can speak to someone on the phone and its like you are back in the old days...! Well we are having a big get together next weekend... I cant wait! Just a shame that we only have a few weeks left... Oh well, someone to send me Typhoo Tea Bags!

C xx