Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hall of shame!

Well, I did warn you all that I would post some more photos from my Craft day... Here is the hall of shame!

Bit of background - Every time someone said the word 'Christmas' they had to wear the head gear, complete with springy snowmen! I must just say that everyone had a whale of a time coming up with alternative words to say. Needless to say though that when I was doing my instructions it was extremely hard. I think I ended up wearing them the most!

Michelle has a couple of sneaky photos of the day over on her blog HERE so I shall retaliate... This is my lovely Upline (Supervisor, Boss lady) Michelle!
Then the fun and lovely Kerrie!
And Susan (she doesnt always look like this crazed really!)
And lastly two great friends of mine Kelly and Amanda.

There was some very serious crafting going on too though! Look at these two beavering away!

And Lastly!! TEE HEE! I would like to thank Michelle for being so supportive and doing a last minute demo for me on the day and bringing some lovely ladies along with her. Also Michelle, thank you for posting the lovely photos of me (NOT!), and, oh yes, the one you took of me at High Wycombe (SU! Training) was so lovely too! (I looked like LURCH, my mouth was open and I think I had one eye closed aswell! NICE!!)
I thought she might like to see this beautiful photo I took of her giving her demo... Tee Hee hee!!!

Thanks for looking!!

C xx


Michelle said...

Hmm i suppose thats a get back huh!! still had a FAB day and would do it again and will as soon as you arrange another one!
p.s i suppose i deserve all i got!!

Carole Creates said...

must have been concentrating really hard Carolynne as I didn't even know you had taken that photo.
When is the next day? I'll wear a posh frock and do my make up!

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Oh Carolynne,
Firstly Happy Birthday for today! and secondly sorry I missed this event of yours! I am still struggling with my illness! hoping we can get together in the new year!
Love and hugs always!