Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busy Busy Bee!

Well, Ive been as busy as a bee for the last few days...  We had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday here... Although Hubs was working the night shift he was able to join us at the table for a scrum-diddly-umptious knees up at a friends house!   Since then we have resisted the urge to put up our Christmas Decorations (Unlike many, many in town!!) as I object to doing this before December 1st!!

Ive been really busy in the craft room!!  Making lots of things I cant share just yet... a couple of birthday cards for people I know read this!!  Hi Mom, Hi Mum!! a lovely Christmas Box project for my next club meeting, and a little something for my lovely girlies!!

I CAN share an ongoing home decor project with you.  I went to the local craft shop the other day (Yes, Im allowed to visit once in a while!!) and picked up some styrofoam cones in 3 different sizes.  So far Ive decorated 2... Not decided what approach to use for the third one, but I will, eventually get it finished!   So here you go.  I think the photos are pretty self-explanatory!...

So, I started with strips of double sided patterned paper (this is old Christmas DSP from SU UK) and cut strips 6" x 3/4".  These were looped over and just pinned onto the form.  I didnt want to use any glue as these will not last till next year without some serious squishing, so I thought it would be nice to be able to change the paper & color scheme each year!
Can you see how I just made some pen marks to keep myself on a straight line for each layer?

And heres the finished tree... Aint she pretty!?  Not a dab of glue in sight!!

The next one was a bigger cone, and took soooooo much longer to do...
I punched out loads and loads of Scalloped Circles and cut them in half... I think it took 2 sheets of A4 cardstock to cover the base.

I love the way it looks like an evergreen...  although my son said it looked like dragon scales! Thanks son!

Next I used the 5 petal flower punch on Cherry Cobbler, Real Red and Bravo Burgundy cardstock...  scrunched up the flowers and randomly layered 3 together with a little burgundy flower in the centre.  I found some old green DSP hiding in the corner and punched one for the back.  I used my crop-o-dile to punch a hole through the centre of all the layers and threaded a silver sequin onto a pearl topped pin, using the pin to attach the flowers. 

It still looked a bit naked to me so rather than make another dozen or so flowers (!) I just added some more sequins & pins in the gaps.... 

So, whadya think??

Not sure when I will get around to number 3, but I'll let ya know!!
Off to clean up the mess! 

C xx

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Anne said...

These are great Carolynne. Think I'll have tocase at least one of them, if I can find some cones!
Anne x