Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bad blogger!

Wowzer!  Is it really so long since I posted anything?  OOPSIE!
Well, as you can imagine its been crazy-busy here with Christmas and New Years!  I think now the decorations are put away and I can actually see my craft desk again (Thanks for sorting the garage hunny xx!) I may be a little more productive once again!!
I have some club projects to share but wont till later in the month as December class was postponed till January due to extreme busyness by everyone!!  Unfortunately this means we will be making Christmas boxes in January, but, Oh well!!  Early start for this year!!  LOL!
I have a few photos to scrapbook and plan a session this afternoon so stay tuned for some DIGI pages!!  WOO HOO!!!

Dont be a stranger!!

C xx

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Anne said...

You've been tagged for an award over on my blog.
Anne x