Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Not the best week ive ever had I must say!!
Ive been the victim of fraud... someone managed to get hold of my debit card number and went on a large spending spree in the USA (they even had dinner on me too!- still hoping for food poisoning!!). Luckily the other half noticed within 24 hours and the bank have been fantastic! But talk about worry... Hopefully thats the end of it and I wont discover sometime in the future that I own a Monster Truck and a Speedboat!!! WARNING to all who read this... BE VERY CAREFUL who you give your details to... I ONLY use secure websites (or so I thought) but obviously I wasnt careful enough...

Secondly, My sons Middle School burnt down yesterday. MAJOR fire, very suspicious, on the local news. Basically there is nothing left. I cannot tell you how disturbing it is to stand watching smoke billowing across the school field, the flames reaching above the tree-tops standing next to a group of teachers who are in tears... What can you say.
A very sad day for a lot of people in town. Who knows what will happen in September?!?

Anyway, enough moaning... I will post some projects next week when Im a bit cheerier!!

C xx


Michelle said...

Aww Carolynne so sorry to hear about this, it happened to us a couple of years ago so i know how you feel.. shame about the school too.. i did see it on the news and wondered if your son went there. I assume they may get in temporary buildings do you think?

Kara said...

Wow, what a rough day! Hang in there!