Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Operation Write Home....

So I know you are all curious to see the cards from my all-day Operation Write Home card Party... So here goes.. 
107 Cards!

I offered 4 kits for those inexperienced card-makers.  Everything was pre-cut and I typed up instructions for each card.  I had all 4 kits at one table, one kit per seat, and the ladies had great fun rotating around... Was a bit like musical chairs at one point!!...

These are the finished Kits!!

These cards were donation by 2 lovely ladies... The blue cards (at the top) were illustrated and watercolored by a HUGELY talented lady!...  Thank you girls!! 

These cards were "free-styled"...  (alot are mine... I seem to have got the coloring bug!!)

So, yesterday I spent the day coloring a whole village of people!! 
16 more cards to add to the pile once I finish!! 

I would like to thank everybody who came along to help, made donations or dropped cards off.  This was a huge success and lots of fun too!  YOU ROCK!!

Back tomorrow with those Class Projects I promised....

C xx

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