Saturday, June 25, 2011


Wanna see some random stuff I have on my Camera SD Card?   Most of my crafting photos are on the external drive of the other laptop, currently being used and abused by my boys... they are quiet and not asking for food or complaining they are bored, so Im not gonna disturb them!! LOL!

This 'love'ly card was one of our club projects back in January I believe!

This little box of goodies was the inspiration for the last project our club did together.  Each panel inside used a different technique that we had learnt over the 6 months...  

This pretty one is a non-SU card... I made it for a very dear friend of mine who taught my daughter ballet.  Sadly she and her family left for sunnier (?) well more comfortable climbs.  Such is the life of a military family Im afraid!

And this unfortunate mess is what happens when someone tries to mail English Chocolate to Texas in 100f weather...  Not very pretty!  But tasted good!!

There will be more crafty-ness in the next couple of days... It seems we have a few months of club projects and some other goodies to look at!...

Back soon,
C xx

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