Friday, March 6, 2009

Two O M G moments this week!!!

You know when something happens that just takes you by suprise and puts a smile on your face (no, im not being rude... get your mind out of the gutter perleeese!)? Well ive had two things happen this week.

1. During my (lengthy) blog surfing the other day I noticed a lady who had posted about Texas Independence Day with lots of ramblings and funny photos too... I left a comment to the effect of - you made me laugh, we are moving there soon, thanks for sharing... etc. The very next day up pops an email! It turns out that she lives about 3 hours from where I will be living soon and she has offered any help we need and possibly meet up to stamp/craft too! How amazing is that?!????!!! I now have a friend in Texas!

2. Sitting here this evening with a glass of wine and the phone rings (while indisposed in the little room - of course!) the caller didnt leave a message so I do my usual nosey parker thing and hit 1471 and as I hit the green 'dial' button the phone rings and I actually answer the call.... "Hello Carolynne, its Maria!"

Maria and Terry are some very long lost friends we had BEFORE Lewis was born! Matt & I were stationed in Montana, attending La-maze classes (or 'how to breathe for the criminally stupid' as I call it - FYI it doesnt help a Da** bit either!) and on the sign-in sheet we notice 2 names and an address just round the corner from us... We strike up a conversation and Maria is a Brit too! We get together alot, help each other through the last stages of pregnancy (First for both of us) and Maria (who had Emily before me!) very kindly refused to tell me the whole gory details until after I had got home with my baby!!! We had Thanksgiving together, Cried on each others shoulder when Princess Diana died etc etc... We lost touch a few years later... they were in Germany, I think we were in California... Turns out that they have been at MILDENHALL (5 miles from Matts work) for a couple of years! How amazing that you can speak to someone on the phone and its like you are back in the old days...! Well we are having a big get together next weekend... I cant wait! Just a shame that we only have a few weeks left... Oh well, someone to send me Typhoo Tea Bags!

C xx

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