Thursday, May 7, 2009


Do you remember on those rare summer days in England when it reaches 95 degrees and OAP's are being bundled into ambulances and carted off to hospital due to heat exhaustion? When the whole population of the country squeezes onto the 10feet of beach that hasnt been poluted or pooped on by dogs, and the ice cream man runs out?


It was 98 yesterday. Today its expected to be 100. Tomorrow its forecast to be 103!


The rental car has gone back today (Very sad as it had the BEST air conditioning in the world!) so now I have to walk to pick Abbi up from school. Not that its very far, only a 10 minute walk. But its 98 degrees already people! Im also surrounded by a million boxes screaming 'unpack me!' but just the effort of walking to the fridge brings on sweaty armpits and foreheads so nothing is being 'sprung' from box prison today!

Ok, I know we have air conditioning but im under strict instructions not to use it coz its about to give up the ghost and will cost us a fortune to run... BUT!!! He's not here is he...

Think Im off to find the switch... Shhh! Don't tell!

By the way... Ive noticed a vindictive streak in Texans. Upon discovering I am from the UK they have all (Yes, every single one so far!) taken great delight in asking how I like the heat... Upon me saying 'its not too bad at the moment' they then smile broadly and tell me that 'its gonna get hotter girl, this is nuthin' or 'last year it hit 110 degrees downtown' or 'its gonna be hot till November now'.

Can I just ask you all to please stop it. (Fingers in ears, going 'la la la la la la, I can't hear you'!)

Thank you.

Off to stare at the boxes and see if I can get them to unpack themselves with my telepathic powers...


C xx


stampin abi said...

we had rain today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for rubbing it in! :)

Carolynne H said...

Much rather have rain!