Thursday, May 28, 2009


Im being eaten alive!

For some reason the mosquitos here seem to love english blood! Maybe its more refined or something (i know for sure mines not blue!) but OMG! I have a total of 35 bites over both legs. And thats only from the knees down!


Found myself at the shop at 7.55am today buying itch relief and the biggest can of mozzy spray that can be legally sold in the state of Texas!

Stay tuned for more update on the war!


C xx


Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Oh Carolynne, firstly thank you for leaving me such a lovely compliment and making me feel that there are people who know how I feel! Hope you are doing well - with Mosies et all! Have you settled yet, Do e-mail me, when you have the time! Talk to you soon! Hugs always!

AuroraDawn said...

Carolynne have you got any visitors coming from the UK? If so, get them to bring over some Skin so Soft from the Avon Catalogue its a brilliant Mozzy Repellent