Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ANOTHER Happy Dance!

Well well well! Not only did we get the call about the house arriving but we also got the call that our car has arrived! Matt is flying to Dallas tomorrow and picking up the car then heading back on a 6 hour drive... Yes, we went and bought him a sat-nav today... ANyone that knows him will know that it is ESSENTIAL or he would end up in Canada!

So, Car tomorrow. House on Friday and Internet, TV & phone. Washer & Dryer on Saturday (Forgot to mention we bought those today!) Then Tuesday the house arrives! WOW! BUSY or what?

Im so excited you have no idea! Matt has left me a store card and im off to get toaster, phones, dvd player, hoover, hairdryer etc while he is out tomorrow. Dont have any clue where Im gonna put it all but Oh Well!

Lewis has a school trip tomorrow so is really excited. Abbi not too happy as all out of town trips are cancelled coz of the swine flu so hers is not happening now...

Best go as dinner is burning...

Hopefully update from the house on our new internet over the weekend...

I hope to have photos too!!!!



C xx

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Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Happy Shapping Carolynne, and do keep in touch! Hugs always!