Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th July!

Just popped in to wish you all a Happy 4th July!
Although it still feels slightly wrong for me - a Brit living in the USA - to be celebrating the day that the Americans won independence from the British(!) Hey Ho! When in Rome!!!

Took this photo myself - outside my local Hobby Lobby!

Hubby is working a 12 hour shift (as usual!) so the kids & I are going to bake (urm, burn) a red white and blue cake. If it doesnt get too hot (expected 100f today...) we may run up to Fort Concho and watch the Military Re-enactments, then off to Freedom Fest for entertainment, magic show fireworks and Funnel Cake!

Just realised how long it has been since I posted! OOOOOppppppssssiiieee!!!

I will be back tomorrow with a card! YES I MADE A CARD! Its the first thing I have made since moving and I think my mojo may have returned! I guess I cant craft if my space is unorganised!

I have been admiring lots of cards with images coloured with Copic Markers and wishing I could do the same thing. For those who dont know, Copics are gorgeous markers that give an almost 'cartoon' look to your coloured images. They blend and shade brilliantly and the results can be amazing. Just do a search on youtube there are loads of videos.

Anyway rather than spending quite a lot of money on the markers (about $7 each) I thought I would do what any good crafter is best at - Use what you have got! I used some watercolour paper (Had for a while) my Stampin Up Markers and a watercolour brush. Im really pleased with the results. Not as smooth and precise as using the Copics but I kinda like the more rough & ready look. Im off to take a photo and will post either later today or in the morro!

Hope you all have a great day. For my old Buds back home... Hope the carnival goes well, dont get sunstroke!

C xx

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