Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swap Cards...

I recently took part in a swap over on Splitcoast Stampers....   We chose which color family we wanted to swap and made 9 cards of the same design in that color-family....  I decided to challenge myself and use the Neutrals Color Family...  I sent my cards to a lovely lady called Lisa who organised the swap and LO!  a couple of weeks later I received some amazing creations from the other swap-ee's!!   I thought Id share with you!!

Now I want you to scroll down quickly and make a note of which card you think I made.  Then read the notes underneath and see if you are right!!  Let me know if you guessed right in the comments section!!!

Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.

 Number 4.

Number 5. 

Number 6.

Number 7.

Number 8.

Heres whom made what....
1. Amanda Corbet.  2. Debbie Walter, Nevada. 
3. Carolynne Hedrick, Texas.  4.  Jenny Fulton, MN. 
5. Laura Simpson.  6. Deb Lippert, Wisconsin. 
7. Mary Jane Wellington, Maine.  8. Pam Steckman.

Arent they stunning?  Im so glad I did this swap and I plan to do a couple more.  Its a great way to see what ideas and techniques other people can come up with given the same basic rules and colors....  These are definately going onto my display board!!  YAY.

Now did you guess right?   Leave me a comment in the section below... 

C xx

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