Monday, April 20, 2009

Its all go!

Well, today was dull... Matt had to go in-process. His appointment was at 7.30am so silly me thought "ok he should be back by lunchtime then we can go househunting". NOOOOOOOOO! He stuck his head around the door at 11-ish to tell me he was taking the car! (ARRRGHHHHH! cant go shopping!) and would be back in a while.

FOUR O CLOCK! YES, 4 pm!!! I could have walked around the flippin base six times in that long! anyway, its hot. 80, hot. the aircon makes the most horrendous noise so you switch it off after 1/2 an hour to hear your kids talking. I have developed the biggest stinking headache (haddock) in years and yes, its hot. Tomorrow it will be 88. Wednesday it will be 90. HELP...

The man came and looked at the aircon. He told us off for turning it off. apparantly it closes a valve that is in the ceiling space and he had to climb a ladder to manually open it. It works now. not quite as noisy but now we are forbidden to turn it off! There will be another man coming to fix the rattle sometime soon. Needless to say we will be out in the lovely quiet airconditioned rental car for most of the next 2 days!!!

House hunting starts in earnest tomorrow. We already have an appointment to see a HUGE 4 bed/2 bath house that we could move into at the end of the month. there are 4 others on the shortlist so we will drive around and check those areas out before booking viewings. Matt is authorised 8 days for house hunting and I want to be in our new home on 1st May. Ive had enough of living in limbo.

So not much more to report, just...

O M G! I found Michaels!!!! Its a craft store. Can you say HEAVEN!? UTOPIA?! I was soooooo restrained, you would all be proud of me. I bought a pair of scissors to trim the doggys ear hair with! (she keeps chasing the ground squirrels and getting gorse bits in her ears) I went, I saw, I drooled, I stroked. Matt said wait till we get a house... Can you see the hurry now?

More updates soon, and photos (hopefully)


C xx


juliejules said...

Awww Caroline glad you found Michaels, hope the house hunting goes well, JUles ILWS xx

Fiona Whitehead said...

Carolynne - what part of Texas are you in - I used to live in Houston until 2005 and have just got back from visiting there again last week. I know what you mean about Michaels - look out for the 40% off coupons in the local papers!

Kate Lewis said...

Good luck with finding a house Carolynne - lucky you to have Michaels nearby!! Kate xxx

Steph said...

Good luck with the house hunting Carolynne & I'm so jealous you're near a Michaels (bet you won't be refrained for long! lol)

Hugs, Steph xxx