Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nearly there!

Well, what a week! We are in lodgings on the base now, the house (still not sold) is empty and clean as a new pin!, the cars are gone, we are living off whatever we need to use thats left in the cupboards!

Actually its not as bad as it sounds, the lodging is great... because we have the dog ($10 a day xtra!) we are in an older style family unit... 4 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen WITH dishwasher! Theres a park within 30 seconds walk for the kids and pretty much everything we could need is within walking distance. I think its about the same size (if not a little bigger) than the house! Musnt get used to it though as at the other end we have been told we only get a 1 bedroom place with Me n Him sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed. FUN!

A spot of good news though... In the midst of the chaos of moving we found out that we will have a house on Goodfellow and will be able to sign the lease on 11 May! YEAH!!! Means that the pressure is off. The thing that was most worrying was how to find a house, and quickly, in a new town, in a new state, ensuring that its in the right area for the right schools and work etc, with NO CAR! Now theres a house waiting we have already looked at the local schools and are happy! Thanks to google earth we are able to peep into the back yards and theres a little park for the kids, and the shops, his work, and even a pool are all within walking distance. Phew! Above all its making the kids transition alot smoother. Son is ok, he has done the move before, but daughter was only 1 when we arrived and here is all she has known.

Well, Mum is over today for a visit, then off bowling tomorrow with friends then his final outprocessing appointment is Monday, then to London Tuesday, then we fly Wednesday!

PHEW! Who said this would be easy?

We hope that we can get internet at the other end and I will let you know how it goes... Better than Eastenders isnt it? (dff dff dff dfff dfff dffff dffffff!)


C xx

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stampin abi said...

glad things are looking up and th end is in sight! hope the kids settle in quickly! Hugs abi x