Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy again!

No cards to show you yet as Ive been a busy girl! We are lucky enough to have some fruit trees in our back garden, a peach an apple and a fig tree (actually a bush at the mo!) So, the birds and squirrels have left enough for me to pick and after recieving several thumps on the head from falling apples as I pick from lower branches (One got me smack dab in the eye till I realised that I should look down as I pick!) We had about 8-10lb of lovely green fruit.

Matt picked some teeny-tiny ripe figs and I spent Sunday making Spiced Fig & Apple Chutney. Yesterday I made 'Hot' Indian Fig & Apple Chutney. (Valuable lesson learned from my dalliance into culinary stuff... Dont stick your head over a pan of boiling vinegar to have a sniff! Matts eyes were watering for ages!... He He He!!!)

14 jars in all! AND Ive still got apples left over! Applesauce today I think. At least if I pop some in the freezer we can actually EAT the fruits of all my hard work!
Now I just have to figure out 2 things... Where do I put a thousand jars of chutney for 3 months and what do I do with a thousand jars of chutney when its ready to eat...?

I really should think these things through dont you think?


C xx

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