Friday, July 24, 2009

Our first house guest!

We have our first official guest. Albeit uninvited...

As Abs opened the front door this afternoon she screamed VERY loudly that a Gecko had run into the house! So whats the first thing that I do...? Climb on the couch and call Lewis of course! Its not that I have anything against the cute little creatures but y'know the kid needs an edumacation an all! He has spent many a happy hour in the back yard BBQ hunting the little blighters and trying to show me how cool it is that they shed their tails n stuff (yuk!) so who better to do a Texas round up and evict our guest?

Well, Lewis being Lewis he was so interested in the thing that he forgot the whole point of the exercise was capture and THEN release so he missed - and did the release part first!

For those in foreign climbs this is a Gecko...

Of course Graham is only about an inch from nose to tip of tail...!

Now of all the places in the house where do you think our little friend has taken up residence? Behind my crafting shelves! ARGH! Nothing will be created for a while as I have images in my mind of sitting being creative and Graham the Gecko climbing up my leg to take a look-see! Bleurgh!

There will be those of you who will scream out loud about animal cruelty but Im hoping the dog will find a new playmate or starvation will set-in before Graham gets to be the size of this one!...

Only joking this is a Komodo Dragon!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Lizards.... Yukky!

Oh the joys of living in Texas! Anyone got any ideas for eviction proceedings? Please?


C xx

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