Friday, May 28, 2010

Ever Wondered ...?

Whats a One Sheet Wonder...?

Have any of you stampers heard that term before?  What is it? 
Basically a One Sheet Wonder is a sheet of cardstock that has been stamped with a pattern and then cut into various sizes and shapes to make lots of cards...  Heres an example...
I used the vintage vogue stamp set and randomly stamped the flowers, leaves and twirly gig bits all over a sheet of A4 card.  This I then cut up and layered onto some coordinating colour card and then onto a base...  I made 4 cards of this design and have about 1/4 sheet left to use another time.  Pretty huh? 

The same theory and same stamps have been used to make 2 more colourschemes and card designs...

And heres a green one...
I love this technique as its a fast way of making lots of cards in a session...  I made 4 each of these cards with different sentiments on them and now have enough to last me a good few months...  I also still have some leftovers (although not of the green as I only stamped an A5 page) to use for other projects... 

I hope you give this trick a try...  Im gonna show you all how I stamped the flowers to get the 2 tone colour effect (shown best on the yellow card) ...  Im hoping a video will appear very soon.  Ive recorded a couple but am still getting used to hearing my own voice so will tape another over the weekend!

Well, the kids are getting out of school at lunchtime today and have officially broken up for the summer hols.... I know, already?  Yep!  In Texas we have 12, thats TWELVE weeks of vacation.  Im really looking forward to not having to get up at crack of dawn o'clock but dreading trying to keep a 9yr old and a 13yr old amused...  We are off to the pool this arvo, so I shall probably look like a lobster tomorrow...  Hey, thats a good excuse to craft!!!

Back soon,

C xx