Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Love With Stamping.

Are you sitting comfortably? The I shall begin...
Once upon a time a little band of friends had a website... It grew and grew and grew until it was too big for its home. Mummy and Daddy (Karin and Dave) found a lovely new home for this fabulous group with loads more space for people to come and visit, chat and have a good time!

Now this is not just a Stampin' Up! site. You can pop over and browse through the gallery or upload some of your own projects to share. If you are looking for inspiration its a fab place to start. There are regular challenges for when you lose your mojo! If you need advice on a product or cant remember where to find the instructions for that special project come and post a question. You can even come and chat about Strictly or X Factor... We are a friendly bunch of crafters from all over the world... and we dont bite!

Heres the challenge... We have just loaded a counter (a bit like the one on my website...) which tells us our ranking in the 'Top 50 crafting sites'. In the space of a week our ranking has gone up from 184 up to 56! Pretty good going huh?!?!

We would like to get InLoveWithStamping in the top 10 before Christmas. Just for the heck of it! Click above or on the link on the right hand side of this page and take a look. Maybe add the site to your favourites and when you do your daily 'blog surf' (please tell me Im not the only person that does this?) pop over for a look.

Lets see the power of the mouse finger, yes?


C xx
By the way if you worry about my mental health... come over, you aint seen nuthin yet!!!

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