Friday, December 19, 2008


I think I need a stiff drink (or two)!
Why is the last week of term always such a frenzy? Ive not had a minute to stop and think this week...

My son has done the Annual St Felix Middle School Show at the Tattersalls sale ring (Very funny... Picture my 12yr old son dressed in jockey silks and green wellies playing 'Stinky' - Dwarf number 14 out of 17...!) So between rehearsals and performances and picking up/dropping off friends & watching the show, then Certificate Assembly for my Daughter (she did a speech - 1 sentence - and played the flute) then a birthday party tonight... My head is spinning! Im quite contented though as I still managed to make 3 batches of fudge for 4 teachers and our retiring dinner lady, AND made the bags to put them in, AND made ALL my Christmas Cards, AND got them (nearly) all delivered on time, AND finished my Christmas shopping, AND made 2 birthday cards, AND had the builder in (MESSY!)... P H E W!!!

That drink is sounding better by the minute!
I took photos of the gift bags for you and will post them here as soon as I find the link to the instructions I worked from...

Have a great weekend... I know I will!

C xx

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jay670120 said...

lol to the drink , soon christmas will be over !!!
To help you relax and maybe win some crafting tools why dont you go over to
x jayne x