Friday, December 5, 2008

Next Installment

OK, heres the next load of photos for you. This time I have used the Hung Up on the Holidays set (106770), which is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine! Its only £13.95and you get 6 stamps in the set. You will need to use your Stamp-a-ma-jig with this one (unless you have a VERY steady hand!) For a tutorial on the Stamp-a-ma-jig there's a link over on the side...

I think I have also found a colour scheme for my cards this year... Im liking the Bashful Blue... What do you think?

If you look closely at the second card you will notice that 2 of the ornaments overlap each other... This was not intentional but gives me the chance to talk about 'masking'. Its very simple - just stamp the image you want to be in the foreground. Stamp this image again onto a piece of post-it note or scrap paper and cut it out. Place this 'mask' over the 1st image and then stamp your next image overlapping this 'mask'. The end result will look like one is behind the other... Easy peasy huh?

More in a couple of days...

C xx

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stampin abi said...

great cards, love the masking,:) tfs