Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Fling?!?

Ok, so I have had several people in the last week ask if I am doing another workshop/craft day like the one I did at Christmas...

Im giving it some serious thought. I would like to do a theme... Not sure what yet though... So COME ON PEOPLE I NEED YOUR HELP! Please leave a comment and tell me if you would be interested and above all give me some ideas... Ive been doing nothing but painting and DIY since Christmas so my brain is a bit slow at the moment (must be all the paint fumes huh! ;-) )

IF I do one last craft event it will be small and at my house so I dont have to pay for a hall etc...

Couple of theme ideas are:
Valentines Cards
Thank you cards
Year of greetings cards
Techniques class
Chocolate! (of course)

Soooooo, give me your thoughts and tell me what YOU would like to make. I will see what brews in my mind over the next little while and let you all know...


C xx

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