Thursday, January 29, 2009

WOT! No Cards???

Why havnt I got a new project for you this week, well.... As you know we are getting the house ready to sell (when I say 'we' I actually mean 'me') and I have just finished painting my last wall. Herein lies the tale!

When we bought the house our main bedroom was painted a lovely chocolate colour on opposite walls (Think 'Close to Cocoa'!) and a creamy colour (Magnolia!) on the other two. Not a colour scheme I would have chosen personally but - hey ho! lets go with the flow! I bought bedding and accessories to match, adding a hint of duck egg blue here and there and 'worked it baby'! Well after 2 1/2 years its looking a bit tired so we decided to try and match the paint colour and touch it up.

The theory here is that despite painting the entire upstairs of the house in the dreaded Magnolia (a colour I detest after living with it for 13+ years in Military Housing) it would be easier to try and match the chocolate and get away with maybe one coat rather than at least 3 coats of the (One Coat!!) Magnolia. In the shop it looked fine... I opened the can and got really excited as I dipped my brush and applied the first lick to the wall. YEAH!!! I actually did a happy dance. It was such a good match you couldnt see where the new paint was.

Then it dried.

Then it was an entirely different shade (darker) and because I couldnt see where it was going when painting I ended up doing 2 coats anyway!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Now Im not sure if its paint fumes or just the normal hysteria but looking at this paint for the last 2 days I was sorely tempted to dip my finger in and give a good lick!... Doesnt it look like melted Cadbury's?

Anyway, Im officially done now, (other than scrubbing doorways, and fingerprints, and little doggie footprints of course) and hope to get some crafting done this weekend. When I get the feeling back in my shoulders... Is there such a condition as Paint Roller Shoulder?


C xx

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Kate Lewis said...

Ha, really does look like melted chocolate....yummy! Enjoy the DIY! Kate xx