Monday, August 3, 2009

Still here!

I will be back with a couple of cards in the next few days... Still no sign of Graham. Oh well!

We are getting ready for Matt to go away for work (Again!), only for 4 weeks this time but he will miss Abbi's birthday and kids first day back at school. They are a bit miffed at this but take it on the chin as they have had to learn over the years... He's going to (For those that know us well), not the REALLY BAD place but not a 100% guaranteed ok place... But NOT as BAD as it could have been! I know to alot of you this is gobbeldy-gook but its all very hush-hush. I will be able to say more after the fact. I think. I may have to shoot you afterwards though!

Anyway I have a card ready to be photographed and might make another tonight. I lost my spare camera battery and had to find my charger and an adapter as its UK.. I think Im all charged up now so will snap some piccies in the morning. Lets hope its not thundering AGAIN!

Do you think Graham has starved by now or made a bid for escape?

(For those that know... Im really excited I just ordered some Gorjuss Girls and a couple of Anya's! Can't wait!!! Gonna be colouring my socks off!)


C xx

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