Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Away with the Christmas Faries!

Apologies for the absence (it make the heart grow fonder you know!) The usual pre-Christmas hysteria has well and truly set in. The kids are off school as of friday so we are running around like loons trying to get everything done before then. Plus you have gifts and wrapping and cards and boxes and posting to the UK and other distant parts of the USA, plus last week of school/dance presents and festivities.

To top it all off I have developed a nervous twitch in my left eye!!! Looks like Im winking at you. The trash man at Walmart was giving me strange looks yesterday so I smiled at him (you know Christmas Spirit N all that!). Then I realised he thought I was winking at him... OMG!!! Aim High thats what I say!!!

I do actually have a couple of projects, a box for an Ornament Exchange with my craft group and my Daughters presents for her class... AND today Im making fudge... GALLLONS of the stuff! Teacher gifts etc... I might even take some photos of that if all goes well!

I will post tomorrow I promise... Dont desert me!


C xx

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