Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Scrapping...

Ive been playing with My Digital Studio... I havn't really played with it (other than a couple of hours) since I bought it... BOY! do I wish I had used it more?!! In the space of 2 hours Ive finished about 7 pages. Im only doing 8x8" scrapbook pages because I can print them off at home but am finding I like this smaller size. For those of you starting with scrapbooking you should try the smaller 8x8", 6x6" or even the A4. Its not as intimidating as the larger 12x12" page which I still find hard to fill.

The kids actually cooperated on Christmas Day and posed for some really nice pictures in front of our tree.. I think I bribed them with more presents and Cadbury's Chocolate!
Anyway heres some more photos from Christmas...

Grandma & the Monsters.
Those of you who know your SU! Will be wondering what the colour is in the blue scallop square and the date... Well, its not a SU colour. Theres a nifty little button called "Colour Match" and you can select a portion of your photo to use as your colour. I chose Abbis sweater as I thought it was such a dominant colour in the picture I needed another 'pop' somewhere to balance it. Clever huh?

As you can see I kept the basic layouts really very simple. With these last two I ended up with the same layout for both and just highlighted the faces with a little frame over the top of the photo. I love how you can do this with the software, and you can also change the opacity (strength of colour) in your shapes so it looks transparant like vellum.

Well thats it for today. Back soon!!


C xx

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