Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Baking...

I know you are all wondering whats happening here.... Well, not a lot of crafting I can tell ya!

Why do we feel the need at this time of year to suddenly spring into 'Suzy Homemaker' mode and start making things from scratch? I must admit that I make alot of these sugary, buttery goodies as teacher gifts but somehow this year I still have about 6 bags left over!!!

And this is whats inside...

Yummy homemade Vanilla and Pecan Fudge, made with the pecans from the tree in our yard!

This is Holiday Bark. Really simple, I just melt some dark chocolate and some white chocolate in separate bowls. Crush up some Christmassy Mints and stir 1/2 into each of the chocolates. Drop blobs of the choccy onto some wax paper, lightly mix the 2 choccies together and smooth out then pop in the fridge to set. Break it apart and pop into bags. Super Simple!

Now this last photo is in tribute to my fellow Military Wives... Out here at the base every christmas the students all go home. Its called Exodus. Now the lovely wives like to send all the single boys and girls home with a little bag filled with homemade treats and cookies. Some good friends of mine had about 200 baggies to organise and needed a silly number of dozen cookies to fill them. This is my small offering... only 4 dozen, but I hope it helped a little. I know the boys and girls were really thankful, I think they went away with about 5 cookies in each bag along with some other bits n pieces...

You girls are superstars!

I will be back with more holiday photos soon. The kids & I have made a Gingerbread House! ARGH!!!!!!


C xx

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