Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love photography!

Even though I only have a little point & shoot Fujifinepix camera I managed to take some amazing (I think) photos of the kiddos while we were away for the weekend... I actually love my camera as it fits in my bag, has loads of settings for close-up, snow, text, portrait, sports etc... I do have an old Zenit manual SLR (and I mean OLD...) which I learnt on and I have a Cannon EOS Rebel SLR which is the next step up.... What I would KILL FOR is a new Digital version of this... But thats a whole nutha story!!! For now Im happy with what I have...

Im waffling arent I? Heres the piccies...

It was a lovely afternoon and I got some really nice shots of the kiddos... doesnt happen very often as they usually run and hide from me!


C xx

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