Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still here!

I havn't forgotten you all I promise!!! I am waiting for a day with decent weather so I can take a photo of the anniversary card (mark 2!) and will post when Ive snapped it... We had a lovely weekend, the weather was great - I may have even caught a little sunburn! Although personally I think it was the glow of panic on my forehead that caught the sun... I dont do well in confined spaces and heights are not my fave (unless Im strapped in very tightly - on an airplane Im belted in the whole time Im in my seat!!!) so the Sonora Caverns was probably not the best place for me to visit... (Must to better research next time!)

Heres a few photos...

Going down... and down... and down... over 150ft down... Bleurgh!

Intimate huh?

Can you see the panic in my eyes! Im really quite proud of myself as I managed to keep control for the whole 2 hours we were down there... Only because there was only one way out and I didnt know the way! When we came back up to the entrance there was another group about to go in, but one man followed us back to the gift shop, where he promptly asked for a refund as he couldnt make himself go through the door! It was weird, and beautiful, it was warm (a constant 71f!), it was wet (dripped on all the time!) it was interesting, (kids LOVED it) and it was tiring (going down was ok but coming back up was not!) Would I go again? I will happily drive there and watch as they go through the door.

All in all, if youre in the neighbourhood its worth a visit. The gift shop is amazing! If youre into fossils, semi precious stones, handmade Indian blankets, stuffed annimals and handmade fudge you'll love it! You can pan for precious stones under the porch and they even had lollipops with scorpians inside! YUMMO!

I have more photos but blogger is being naughty and wont let me upload them... I plan to digitally scrap these so stay tuned!!!

I also managed to get some REALLY nice shots of the Kiddo's climbing a tree so I will share those with you soon.

We will be moving house in 3 weeks! But there shouldnt be a blip in service for you as I have LOADS of cards in reserve and I will schedule the posts to go ahead during the move... Im really excited! We will be in a family neighbourhood where 2 of my good friends live and the kids will have others to play with too. Lots of parks, tennis courts and places to hide while having Nerf Gun battles! I will share photos too!!!...

Enough waffle... Im off!


C xx


Scrapcomber said...

Fantastic photos, well done you

Michelle said...

OMG!!! braver than i am!! glad you had a good time!! hugs...x

Jo said...

bloody hell woman.. you're a braver person than me.. panic in your eyes? You woul dnever have seen mine, I wouldn't have been in there..

Fantastic piccies.

Love Jo xx