Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joy Fold

I know alot of you will know this style of card.. Its called the Joy Fold. I think most of us first saw it after SU Convention when it was demod by someone (Maybe Shelli or Pam?). Much as I liked it ~ Im not one to jump on the bus just cuz(!) so its taken me till now to try it.

Again I used the Fab Speciality Papers from SU (Yes I have ordered some now!!) and all other products are SU! OOOO APART FROM! D'ya see the button? Ive been doing the old DIY button made from cardstock for a while but I saw this punch in my craft store and its amazing... Its from Martha Stewart and not only does it punch the button shape and the holes in the middle but it embossed around the edge so you get the raised look of a real button! SO this one I punched out several times and stacked on top of each other and just look at my chunky button! WOWZER! Would look even better with some crystal effects on top huh?

And the stamps - Pocket Silhouettes of course!

Probably off the clean and sweep the old house today.. (I dont really know as Im typing this last week... ha ha!)


C xx

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Linzi said...

that button looks sooo realistic!! my only problem with the joy fold is that it has a tendency to fall over :( i remedied it by folding the front panel back rather than cutting it in half