Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Craft Monster!

In the long, long, looooong week between Christmas and New Years my daughter left a little message for me on a note pad... Can you make a box lid for me? There were some measurements and a little heart.. Cute! "Ill do it when I craft next honey... Im trying to think of 1,000 ways to cook with leftover turkey at the moment!"

Well, a few days later I was subtly reminded. She asked me for some pink card... I told her to take it from the scrap bag and she handed it to me and asked me to make the box lid. I did, then she told me to go away! I did!! (shes scary!) Other than the bits with sharp instruments involved this is what she made... Before & after photos...

It fits a treat, nice and tight, so no need to glue it on. And (as she pointed out to me) we can take it with us when we move!!!

Ive created a creative monster! ARGH! I have visions of 'Elbows at Dawn' poised and ready to fight over the craft mat and the trimmer... AHA! BUT - Only I know where the heat gun lives!!!!

Anyway enough early morning ramblings from me (Sorry - Im typing this pre-caffeine today!) Im off now to walk the dog in thick fog. Ooo. That rhymes. Boy do I need caffeine...?


C xx


Abi Bundy said...

Thats really cool!! can't imagine my kids being that creative on their own at the moment, the only creativeness they seem to display s the scribbling on the wall type and silly me was under the impression they grew out of that by the time they were 7.

love the light switch box great idea!

Becki said...

What a fab idea!


Karen :) said...

Abby is tooo cute! I love her tenacity.