Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 Countdown... Part 2..

As promised, heres the last 5 projects...

Number 5.

Really two techniques here or even three! : 1) Two-step stamping. 2) Decoupage (cutting out and sticking back on!) 3) Paper Piercing - Ideal for a simple border.

Number 4.

Number 3.

Watercolouring. This was all done with the SU! Markers and a watercolour brush pen...

Number 2.
Not really a technique but an essential in my book... A sense of humour. The story behind this was... I was completing a challenge on ILWS, the category was 'Anything Goes'. The Mod (Rachel) stated 'Anything, as long as its not Santa doing the Hula'. Well I had to... Didnt I?

Number 1.
The technique is to use stamps another way... (Roses at Christmas?) I wasnt too sure of this after I made it but got some lovely comments and it has now become my favourite card of the year... Unfortunately I posted it to a lovely lady for Christmas and will have to make another one to keep for myself!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 list. I feel like a DJ! (Now then, Now then Pop-Pickers!!!) PLEASE leave some comments and tell me your fave techniques and projects. I may even feature your picks in upcoming posts...

Wishing you all A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2010.

Thanks for visiting, TTFN!

C xx


Blueangel Crafts said...

Love your top 10! Particularly the hula card!!!

Linda said...

Ooooh Carolynne what colours did you use on the Roses on the White Cardstock in your Number 1 Card... your cards are all gorgeous, but I thought that on the ILWS Challenge on Saturday Night, I thought you deserved to win all the prizes... lol

Carolynne H said...

Linda, this link will take you to the card details... (it was Dec 2008)

Thanks for the lovely comments!