Thursday, September 10, 2009

Road Trip!

Texas is a beautiful state...
So this week we had to take a quick overnight trip to Lubbock. I had an appointment to have my fingerprints and mug shot taken... NO Ive not been a naughty Noo Noo! It was the last step in becoming Legal! My green card has been renewed and now I can officially stay (and work...) in the USA.

It was actually really nice to get out of town (albeit only 4 hours away) and see the countryside.

These were taken from the passenger seat at 70 mph... The windfarm is near Big Spring and is (I think) the biggest in Texas. I know some people dont like them but personally I think they are beautiful... Why not harness what is free without any nasty emissions. We passed so many smelly oil pump thingys that these windmills were a refreshing change.

And then the clouds rolled in - or rather we rolled into the clouds!

See that little patch of sunlight on the road? Cool huh?

And then it did this!

Are we there yet?

Back later with another post... Phew! 2 in one day. Dont get used to it!!!


C xx

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