Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aplogies for absence...

Sounds like Im at school again doesnt it? Do you need a note from my Mum?

Due to technical difficulties i.e. the dead PC! Ive been offline for a few days. Matt is happily tracking down the problem and keeping me updated regularly with corkers such as 'Well, the N drive is toast' and 'Its a b*^"$%# virus'. He also has some VERY imaginative names that he calls the box of tricks in the corner, none of which I can repeat in public!

So as he is back at work today and Im not turning the other monster on in fear for my life I have found our 50ft ethernet cable, hooked it up to my trusty (never given us a problem since the day I - did I mention it was my decision - bought it) lap-top and sit at the dining table happily clicking away!

I will have another project for you in a while, we are having Abbis second birthday party today. No, she isnt 2 but we are having a second party coz Dad was away for the first one! I keep telling her this will not become a regular thing as she is not the Queen of England and only needs one birthday a year.

C xx

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