Thursday, August 13, 2009

My daughter is amazing! After 3 hours of Tumbling Classes look what she can do!

Now please also bear in mind that on the first day she was in tears and wouldnt do a backwards bend into a bridge coz it was scary... (A little history... She is scared of heights due to being flung around at a Cheerleading Club - and nearly dropped..) And I mean SCARED! Dad cant even put her on his shoulders or throw her aound when playing as she freaks out... She doesnt trust anyone to be able to hold her. Or I should now say DIDNT trust anyone...

We came back to lesson 2 with a new attitude and some positive thinking... Just look at what she has achieved! SOoooooo Proud!

What a SMILE!

I think we may have to do some proper gymnastics now...

Sorry to be the pround Mummy but this is such a BIG step for her and, well, Im a Mum!


C xx


Michelle said...

omg a real mummy proud moment! i would be the same! im sure she will be doing it by herself in no time please post her progress as i would love to see it!i hope you and yours are all keeping well and i look forward to seeing more on your blog when you get posting them new US stampin up goodies samples lol.. take care babe

Ann Wills said...

Tell her well done, I am also terrified of heights so she has done so well.