Saturday, August 22, 2009

One of those days!

OK, so remember how I told you the other day that the Old Faithful PC was playing silly games with me... Well I think its dead Jim! It locked up again and now wont boot up properly, when it does eventually start everything is S L O W ! And I cant move any files or anything. I had instructions from Matt to save my folders but it wont even let me do that! EEEK! ALL my photos... not good.

Im typing now from my trusty lap-top but all my piccies are on the pther pc. To top it off as I was booting this thing up we had a power surge and the PC turned off completely... (Its in a surge protector) Im too scared to turn it back on again!

Having a lovely Abbis birthday, went to the movies, forgot to put socks on for skating so, had to come home first. While home remembered that 9yr old left bag with purse and ALL birthday money back at the movies! Went BACK to the movies to get bag... Went skating... Planned to go to Logans for dinner but Lewis hurt his B*** so many times and Abs didnt stop for 1 1/2 hours so they have both flaked out in the living room. Dominos has been called to offer first aid!

To top it all off, Matt took the plug adapter with him so Im not able to charge my camera! I ordered one last week but its not here yet... OF COURSE it dies while skating... Think I managed to get one photo of the cake... will have to resort to the camera phone and hope thats charged!

Ever have one of those days...?


C xx

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